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Version: July 2022


1         Welcome                                                                                


Welcome on the English summarised version of the website from the familyfoundation “Het Geslacht Van Rhijn”.

This site is intended to inform you as a visitor or family member about the Van Rhijn family. You get to know the family foundation and get information about its activities. In addition, this site provides insight into the genealogy of this family. Finally, you will find an overview of 'links' to other relevant genealogical sites.


This site also serves as a means to update the genealogy. The site also contains an e-mail address to pass on mutations in the genealogy of the Van Rhijn family, to ask questions or to register as a donor of the foundation.

The improvement and keeping up-to-date of this site is partly dependent on your input!

Do you have suggestions about the form and content of this website? Or do you have information about e.g. births, marriages, deaths, or other notables concerning family members belonging to the Van Rhijn family? You can then email your reactions to the controller of this website. Thank you in advance for this,


Arnold C.F. van Rhijn, chairman





2         Aims of the foundation                                                                            


The aims and means are described in the statutes of the foundation “Het Geslacht Van Rhijn”.

These are to:

·       collect facts and things worth knowing related to the descendants of Arent Michielsz, born approximately 1540 in the village of Katwijk aan de Rijn in the Netherlands

·       promote the knowledge of  the Van Rhijnfamilyhistory;

·       undertake activities to commemorate the deceased members of the family;

·       facilitate the bonding between  familymembers;

·       give public and scientific research access to the collection;

·       lend under conditions parts of the collection out to musea or other institutes.

Therefore the foundation will:

·       Try to collect books, records, and other materials (pictures, paintings,  voices, film and video) which are important familyhistory.

·       Take care of these records, restore them en do maintenance on them.

·       Explore the history of the family and publish about it.

·       To organise reunions and other sorts of meetings.

·       Organise exhibitions, give a lecture eventually in co-operation with musea or other institutes.

·       provide information to the Central  Administration for Genealogy in The Hague, the National Archive and  the municipality archives of Leiden and other institutes.

·       Make publications about their investigations 

You can ask the register number S 168323 in the foundationsregister of the Chamber of Commerce in Leiden in the Netherlands (Kamer van Koophandel en Fabrieken voor Rijnland te Leiden) for the complete text of the statutes.





3         Administration                                                                        


At the moment the board consists of the following seven members:

Chairman:                         A.C.F. (Arnold) van Rhijn                      

Secretary:                          G.J. (Gert Jan) van Rhijn

Treasurer:                         W.T.B (Wopke) van Rhijn

Member:                           T.(Theo) van Rhijn



Picture of the board June 2022  from left to right: Wopke, Arnold, Theo en Gert Jan





3         Genealogy




The eldest known familymember is:

Arent Michielsz., born approximately 1540 in Katwijk. He lived in Katwijk aan de Rijn and was skipper (1581, 1582) and later woodsawyer in Leiden. He died before the11th of  January 1589. 

His first marriage was with Commertgen Cornelisdr and his second marriage was on 27 January 1582 with Aeffgen (Aechte) Jacobsdr [de Haes], from Leiden.  She remarried in Leiden 1593 with Cornelis Jacobsz [Van Leeuwen] and she died after 15 December 1594


detail acte 1582 bewerkt1 131102

Weddingdocument from Aernt Michielsz and Aefgen Jacobsdr in the year 1582, (in red the readable text in Dutch)


The complete familytree as a book you can find in the “Nederland's Patriciaat”, 78th volume, edition 1994, published by “Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie” in The Hague in the Netherlands.

Almost all big libraries in the Netherlands have this book.





Van Rhijn coat of arms:     In gold a red lion.

Crest:                     The lion comes out of the escutcheon

Covers:                             Red, with a lining of gold





The twelve meters long family-records can be found in the municipality archives of Leiden in the Netherlands. There you can study the documents on request. 0528 Inventaris van het archief van de familie Van Rhijn inclusief Molen "De Valk", (1686) 1790-2008. (erfgoedleiden.nl)

archief leiden

A small exhibition in 2001 in the municipality archive Leiden with documents and books from Dr. M. van Rhijn (Xo).




Foreign family


South Africa: the descendants of Joannes van Rhijn

gezin Johannes (zuid africa)

Standing from left to right:

Linnis van der Linden, Clasina Eleonora ("Nora") van der Linden-van Rhijn, Michiel Christoffel Willem ("Willem") van Rhijn, Elisabeth Magdalena ("Betsy") van Rhijn, Frederik Adriaan ("Fred") van Rhijn, Joannes Arthur ("Jan") van Rhijn


Sitting from left to right:

Robert Lodewicus van Rhijn, Catherina Antoinette ("Kate") Leppan-van Rhijn, Hilda Alida Havemann-van Rhijn, Bert Havemann, Alida Aletta ("Maria") van Rhijn-van der Merwe, Frieda Paulina Kemp-van Rhijn, Albertus Hendrik ("Berty") van Rhijn


Sitting on the floor from left to right:

Barbara MacDonald, Len van der Linden


The only person from the family of Joannes who is not on the picture is Joannes himself, because he died (approximately 1925).




4     Activities


On this part of the website you can‘t find actual activities. When you are a donator you ‘ll find these activities in the familynewsletter.


Familynewsletter “Het Geslacht van Rhijn”                        

In the newsletter you can read articles about members and events of the Van Rhijn-family. This newsletter is sent to the donators once or twice a year and is written in Dutch.



Family reunion                                                                                         

Once every two to three years we organise a familyreunion.



picture june 2022 familyreunion in Overschie


foto 1 aan tafel met Sander

Canadian Van Rhijns meet members of the board of the familyfoundation in Ermelo July 2004


Donators can receive the following documents in a digital version: 

·                    Coloured Van Rhijn coat of arms (JPEG-format)

·                    Letterpaper with the coloured Van Rhijn coat of arms (Word-format)

·                    Regulations of the familyfoundation (Word-format).

If you want to become a donator please send the secretary an e-mail: G.J. van Rhijn  E-mail.                                                                                         Up




5     Links


On this page you can find several links to other related websites.

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Windmill “De Valk” in Leiden